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About Us

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Our Story.

Friends and family since the beginning, but when our lives first entwined together, never would've we imagined that we would end up here. Building original sustainable works of art, that are also a place of safety and freedom. In this venture, we get to express our deepest levels of creativity and our deepest desires to build a more sustainable world.

Dr. Paul Beatty

An unusual carpenter vigilante. Paul is an ER doctor by trade, but that is just a cover for his secret love interest in timber framing and master carpentry. 

He has designed and built numerous structures and homes. The Timber Framed Homes he has accomplished, are by far his most grand work to behold.

Edwin Bobrycki

Edwin took on designing the first hammer-beam truss made specifically for a tiny home. His wife, Clara, shared the dream with him to live simply, sustainably, and off the land. It took them over two years to build the prototype that they now live happily in today. 

Nils Barrett

Nils is a master carpenter and craftsman. The number of structures he has built, renovated and fixed is too many to count. His other skills and passions include beekeeping and fitness. Some may describe him as a "Jack of all Trades," But a "master of all Trades" would be more accurate. He brings a level of precision and excellence to everything he touches.

Bernard Barrett

If a human could work as hard as a horse, Bernard would give them a run for their money. Bernard has the ability to subject himself to heavy loads, long days, and difficult tasks without losing his sense of humor or compassion for others. He is our human battery that keeps our team powered and running.

Tesia Bobrycki

Tesia is the backbone of the operation. She graduated with the highest honors from UC Berkley and has worked in the forefront of leading nonprofits. She is overqualified for the position she has taken on, however, she only pursues the things that inspire her. Luckily for us, what we are doing here is one of those things.

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